As a professional floor lamp manufacturer in China, CHIPHY keeps high-speed growth in the lighting industry. We used to be a large-scale foundry, but we found that the share of OEM has begun to reduce dramatically, so we decided to research and develop our own products. After much effort in those years, we develop our own decor floor lamp with a special design and another reading floor lamp is on the way. We do not have lots of products right now, the “soft decor floor lamp” series is the primary product, the reading floor lamp and shelf floor lamp are in the developing stage, and other lighting products are on the way. Meanwhile, we are always optimizing the processing of design and manufacture. Innovation is the most important thing for a company and brand, so we will continue to design other modern lighting products with our own style and thoughts to satisfy the needs of customers and bring CHIPHY to the world.

If you need bedroom lamps, living room lamps, LED floor lamp, home decor lights, led decorative lights, corner lamp and etc, welcome to CHIPHY.

CHIPHY was established in 2016 with the purpose that makes comfortable, warm, and useful high-end lighting products for everyone, hope everyone uses our high-end and beautiful lighting products and fell in love with our lighting products and designs. Nothing is easy, we believe that the great product must be useful and unique. Before the product develops, we always think:

  1. Is it really worth it for customers?
  2. Where can be better in the feature and performance?
  3. What material and technology can be improved?
  4. Can it match modern and high-end room style very well?
  5. …………

So warm ideas and special designs are behind our lighting products. CHIPHY will keep going to develop our lighting product and brand for the world, make more and more people get beautiful and warm lighting fixtures with a special and great product experience.