The Most Common Questions!

It is easy to wipe with a wet towel. If there is some impact indentation on the shade, it can be completely eliminated by soft rubbing of the indentation repeatedly, and then it will be look new as usual.

If you pick the option of “Dimmable Plus + remote control” or “RGB + Remote control”, that means you will get the remote. If you just pick the option of “dimmable”, the remote is not inside. By the way, they all have a push button switch on the cord.

Yes, you can choose the proper light to read. The lamp can illuminate the book and its surroundings. Its scattered light with large lighting area has no shadow. That is good to our eyes.

Yes, it has a foot button that lays on the floor near the lamp that allows you to turn it on/off. However, the remote is the only way you can manipulate the colors and transitions.

Yes, you can use the remote control to control any one of the bulbs independently. You can turn on or off a single bulb or change the color of one of the bulbs independently. These operations can be achieved by manipulating group 1 and group 2 buttons under the remote control. Specifically, you can see the manual of our remote control. There will be details of what you want to know in the manual.

What’s more, wireless control distance up to 20 meters. Well, sounds amazing! 2.4G high rf wireless technology signal even penetrate through thick wall, which means you don’t have to put remote with lamps in same room within 20 meters, you can use the remote control in your room to control the lights in another room.

yes of course it works, our floor lamp can fit &work with 110v-220v plug

Please long press the rgb button. It will be back to normal mode.

Yes, any standard A19 dimmable bulb will work

No, the ‘lamp shade material’ doesn’t tear very easily. The material called ‘Tyvek’ which is generally very strong for it thickness. Overall we think it was a good choice for these lamps.

It is not made of paper but a kind of Spun bonded olefinnon woven produced by a unique spray spinning technology. It combines the advantages of paper, membrane and weaving.
This material is light and tough, waterproof, non-discoloring, non-aging, no deformation and has excellent light effects. This material is called Tyvek made by DuPont, commonly known as “never be torn”, so there is no need to worry about it will be punctured by the finger.

1. When pressing the remote control, please check if the indicator light is on.

2. If the indicator light is off, it may be that the battery is dead. Please replace the battery.

3. If the indicator light of the remote control is on, but the bulb cannot work according to the remote control command, it may be that the bulb is cleared.

4, Match code,the steps are as follows: 1) Turn off the 2 bulbs by push switch (not remote control); 2) Remove one of the bulbs, then turn on another bulb by push switch , press “group 1 on” once as soon as possible within 3 seconds, the bulb will flash 3 times, this bulb is paired to “group 1” successfully. 3) Repeat step 1, put on the other unpaired bulb, then turn on the 2 bulbs by push switch , press “group 2 on” once as soon as possible within 3 seconds, the unpaired bulb will flash 3 times, this bulb is also paired to “group 2” successfully.

If you still can’t solve it, please log in to your Amazon order and contact our customer service staff, we will help solve your problem.

Of course, if you think the white shade is too flat, you can put a variety stickers of patterns and letters on the shade, such as “butterfly”, “Happy Birthday”, “I love you”. The Lampshade will become more beautiful with different patterns affixed. Also, it will bring you much fun and a sense of accomplishment by DIY it.

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