How do I make mood lights in my bedroom?

The bedroom maybe is the room where we spend most of time, we always sleeping, relaxing, reading in the room. So the lighting design and decorating for bedroom is necessary. To make mood lights in bedroom, which move not just illuminate bedroom area, but also create a special, fantastic or relaxing ambience for us. It will help us to get a cozy lighting effect to enjoy reading books, sleeping, and relax. So, how do I make mood lights in my bedroom? That is a great question for us. As below, I will provide a few tips and lighting fixtures for mood lights set up.

The Color Temperature of Mood Lights

The Color Temperature of Mood Lights

Color lights play a big role for the creation of a room environment, so pick the right light color for the bedroom is very important. The lower value for light color temperature means this light is more yellow. On the other hand, higher value, the light will be more white. Lower color temperature light can bring a warm, and the higher color temperature light is more bright and cool. So the lower temperature light is best for the bedroom. It can bring a soft and warm lighting visual enjoyment for us, allow us to enter the sleep and relaxing mode quickly. And we should avoid using exciting colors, such as red, purple, etc. They will make our mood stay excited, which is bad for relaxing and sleeping.

Where Do I Set Atmosphere Lights?

Mood light effect also will be affected by the place you set. And there are some places we can use for atmosphere lights, such as the headboard, bedside, bedroom wall, ceiling, under the bed, and the corner.

Mood Lights Fixtures

How do I make mood lights in my bedroom


There are lots of places can set a mood light, the different place needs a different type of atmosphere light. The light stip, wall-mounted lighting, and pendant lighting are suitable for walls. And the mood floor lamp can be set at the bedside and corner. You need to choose the right mood light fixture for your personal light needs.
You can use the overall lighting to combine with the part lighting, which move can make the lighting on different levels, to get the best mood light in the bedroom. Also, you can take a LED mood light belt under the bed to get an extra lighting effect. Because of it shine at the bottom of the bed, so it would not influence your sleep. And also can bring a subtle light for you to avoid the damaged crash when you wanna go to the toilet in the evening.

Dimmers for mood lights

If all the ambience lights in the bedroom are only one level brightness, that is not good, the better way is to get a dimmer to control the brightness of mood light. But the bulbs of them must have this function. Then you can switch the brightness for different activities in the room. If you are reading or working on something, you can set the highest brightness. But if you are relaxing or wanna get sleep, then you can switch to the lowest light mode to get a cozy and comfortable room environment.
By the way, you can buy smart mood lights, which have some smart function, such as control it with a long distance by the remote or APP, timer, and etc. It is so convenient for us, we can easily set the mood lights and do not leave the bed and auto turn off when you enter deep sleep.

Great mood lights in the bedroom add extra possibility and comfort, do it step by step. By the way, CHPHY color changing floor lamp is one of the best light fixtures to change your bedroom ambiance. With 2 dimmable RGB smart light bulbs, you can set any color and brightness for the light anywhere with remote control. You can place it in the bedroom corner or bedside to create a special and fantastic room ambiance.

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