Living Room Lamps

In daily life, good living room lamps not just light up space as part of the decor, but also can create a peaceful, relaxed or cool atmosphere. These would affect your feeling and thinking. So it’s a big deal in our house. And there are so many options for living room lamps, we can not just think about the luminance or color, but more about the function or product experience. I will give you some tips to choose the right living room lamps.

How Do I Choose A Floor Lamp For My Living Room?

I believe everyone has a different demand for different rooms, including the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and etc. So, think about the meaning and function of the living room. We always relax and socialize with our family and friends in this place. So, except for the basic lighting, you maybe need to pick a LED RGB decorative floor lamp. Use it to standing on the corner, art, soft or chair to create a special feeling for your living room. You can change the color or luminance according to your need. If you have a party, maybe you can pick the purple lighting for all time or automatic switchover for seven types of color. If you just wanna sit down on the sofa or chair to relaxing, you can choose a warm color with low or medium luminance.
Just pick a LED RGB decorative floor lamp for your living room, light up your life.

What Color Make A Room Look Bigger and Brighten?

I think there is no secret, the answer is stark white. White color also makes people feel comfortable and clean. If the main color of your house style is white, match with beautiful wooden floor and furniture, that would give the room an appearance of grandeur. Give you a tip, put the mirrors in the right position to spread the light to make the room brighter and bigger. On the other hand, if you can maximize your furniture arrangement, truck something when you do not need them, that will open up the space and make it feel larger. All those small things combine will make your room larger and clean.

How Tall Should Living Room Lamps Be?

Lots of homeowners need a lamp for the living room, but do not know what height of lamp is best. First, it depends on what place you will put it in. There are always there three options, including tables, corners, soft.

If you need a lamp for the table in the living room, the best size is 26″ – 34″ tall. This size lamp always fit all type of table perfectly. Also, you can adjust the height of the lamp by creating a base of stacked books or decorative boxes.

The lamps beside a sofa should be 58″ – 64″ tall. For this height of lamps, the bottom of the shade always being at or above the eye level of users. Also, good placement of lamp will perfectly illuminate the area where you sit. So we usually put it on the right or left side of the sofa.

What about the corner? Well, the height of the floor lamp for corner also is 58″ – 64″. The corners are the most overlooked place. If you wanna do something to make the room more special, pick the RGB 7 Colors Changing and Dimmable LED Floor Lamp to put in the corner is the best choice. There are 7 colors and 3 modes of changing frequency. It can make a fantastic light effect on your living room by colorful bulbs. This warm and inviting ambiance can make you truly enjoy chatting, relaxing, watching in the living room.