Large Standing Mood Decorative Night Lighting Fixture for Living Room Bedroom


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Chiphy Decor Floor Lamp Lighting Effect Show

Create An Extraordinary Atmosphere

No matter what type of lighting bulb you choose, after light up, lighting softly across the lampshade will create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for your home. Even in the daytime, our cool floor lamp also can be a great decoration in your space.


Sensual & Elegant Lamp Appearance

With a unique and cool design for this decorative floor lamp, it can harmoniously and easily fit into a room situation and match every room style.


Match for Every Space in Your Room

With 2.5 meters cable, footswitch and remote control(if you buy), you can easily set it in any space in your house, such as living room, corner, bedside, bedroom, gaming room. Set it in the corner or bedside, create a sweet and warm environment, then you can enjoy the relaxing, reading or working. RGB type is best for the gaming room, set color changing mode to get fantastic gaming experience.


Lightweight & Stable

Due to the metal frame, springs and other accessories, it is lightweight but sturdy and stable. Easy to remove during the use and do not need to worry about the shake or unbalance.


Embrace The Smart Life

The decor floor lamp inside lighting bulb is smart type, you can easily use footswitch and remote control(if you buy) to set different lighting effects as you want.





Decor Floor Lamp Package

This is what you will get for our decor mood floor lamp, including the floor lamp cable with footswitch, 2 lighting bulbs, 1 remote(if you buy), floor lampshade(Tyvek Fabric), other accessories.

By the way, you can see the assembly guide as below

chiphy floor lamp package

Chiphy Decor Floor Lamp Reviews(Data from Amazon Store)

Lamp Description

  • As a lighting source, CHIPHY large light fixture is a great addition for your living room, bedroom, gaming room, home office, lounge and etc. On the one hand, it can provide different lighting effects to satisfy your different needs, including reading, watching TV, working, and etc. On the other hand, it can play a decorative night light role in your house because of the lamp design style of large, standing and cool.
  • Easy to control and move: Different brightness will create different lighting effects and make you get a different feeling at home. When you are enjoying the TV or movie in living room, you can use the foot to press the button of “foot switch” to change the brightness of 2 bulbs in the floor lamp. That is easy and convenient. And if you pick the remote one, you also can use it to adjust the lighting effects. By the way, because of the light material for lampshade, you can easily take and move it anywhere.
  • Easy to assemble: It is a large lamp for living room, but you do not need to worry about the installation. Please read the instruction of this standing lamp to put it together step by step. We believe you can finish the job in 15 minutes around.
  • Great Gift: Maybe you are struggling that what you need to send for your friend on special days, such as Christmas, birthday and so on. How about this art lamp? It combines smart LED dimmable bulbs with a decorative feature, best standing lamp for bedroom. After light up, your friend will get a warm and relaxing mood. What a sweet thing that is!
  • Lighting Bulb Types:

    Dimmable: Adjustable Color Temperature: Only 2700K; Adjustable Brightness: 200 Lumens/1400 Lumens/ 2400 Lumens(3 levels); Lighting Color: Warm Yellow; Maximum watt: 12W/2

    Dimmable Plus: Adjustable Color Temperature: 2500K-6500K(10 levels); Adjustable Brightness: 0-2200 Lumens(10 levels); Lighting Color: White/Yellow; Maximum watt: 12W/2; Timer: 30/60 mins

    RGB: Adjustable Color Temperature: 2500K-6500K(10 levels); Adjustable Brightness: 0-1400 Lumens(10 levels); Lighting Color: 7 Colors+White/Yellow; Maximum watt: 12W/2; Timer: 30/60 mins

Style: Large, Standing, Mood Decorative Night Lighting

Lampshade Color: White and Brown

Bulbs Quantity: 2

Lampshade Material: Tyvek Fabric

Product Package: 1 x floor lampshade, 2 x lighting bulbs, 1 x remote control(depends on your order), and other floor lamp accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

If you pick the option of “Dimmable Plus + remote control” or “RGB + Remote control”, that means you will get the remote. If you just pick the option of “dimmable”, the remote is not inside. By the way, they all have a push button switch on the cord.

Yes, it has a foot button that lays on the floor near the lamp that allows you to turn it on/off. However, the remote is the only way you can manipulate the colors and transitions.

Yes, you can use the remote control to control any one of the bulbs independently. You can turn on or off a single bulb or change the color of one of the bulbs independently. These operations can be achieved by manipulating group 1 and group 2 buttons under the remote control. Specifically, you can see the manual of our remote control. There will be details of what you want to know in the manual.

What’s more, wireless control distance up to 20 meters. Well, sounds amazing! 2.4G high rf wireless technology signal even penetrate through thick wall, which means you don’t have to put remote with lamps in same room within 20 meters, you can use the remote control in your room to control the lights in another room.

It is not made of paper but a kind of Spun bonded olefinnon woven produced by a unique spray spinning technology. It combines the advantages of paper, membrane and weaving.

This material is light and tough, waterproof, non-discoloring, non-aging, no deformation and has excellent light effects. This material is called Tyvek made by DuPont, commonly known as “never be torn”, so there is no need to worry about it will be punctured by the finger.

Yes, any standard A19 dimmable bulb will work.
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How to Install Chiphy Decor Floor Lamp

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